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Don’t know in where you live, but in the majority of countries, expressing your opinion is completely legal. As long as you are not being annoying/ intrusive or constantly bothering her/ him then just expressing your feelings once is completely okay if he/she is not your relative which in that instance you should really think […]

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Now hair transplant has absolutely nothing to do with anything which causes problems at personal, spiritual or social levels. In fact the person having hair transplant will only feel happy about it, and will be able to live a happier and probably more confident life, which in return will be beneficial not only to him […]

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The most important event when you think of July 14 is obviously the capture of the Bastille. This famous date in the history of France took place in Paris in 1789. The Bastille was a former royal prison, considered at the time as a symbol of the king’s arbitrary power. When the Parisians besieged it, […]

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However, given my education in the subject, my interactions with economists, and my knowledge of the field I can definitely vouch for the fact that economists, whether Democrat or Republican, lean centrist. Very, very rarely will you find an economist who is a hardline Democrat or Republican at the extreme ends of the parties. This […]

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Republican leadership hiding in offices during insurrection with Democrats refused to mask up in those small rooms. Deoicratic leadership tried to encourage all of them to mask, gently offering masks, and they refused, snickering amongst themselves. Thought I saw MJT in the video of Dems offering masks. It had made the news. That’s how I […]

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Yesterday, my little brother asked me to help him in his homework. He actually pleaded me to complete his homework as due to his usual carelessness he was late in submitting his assignment and now he feared of facing his class teacher’s wrath.I scolded him first and asked him to at least try doing it on your own. He refused and said angrily, […]

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EITHER the picture was made to be a representation of people/situations/things in the past (even if the moment of the picture’s creation was only a few moments ago) or the people/places/things no longer exist or are not true, in which case we can use some clues or details in the picture to refer to them in the past – “This picture was taken […]

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Just be honest with her about everything you feel about the relationship and all her how she feels that’s important to listen to as well, but at the end of the day your not tryna be together if it’s died down so don’t act like you have to stay in something if your not happy .. If it’s just needing to be discussed […]

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This one guy in particular, Barry, he not only didn’t cash anything out, he put his whole IRA, and his whole 401(k) in ENE. He bet the farm. Everything he had coming in, everything he’d earned.When signs of instability started to surface, and the stock price started to drop,made an appeal to the employees, reminding […]