Huskerhounds nebraska republic shirt

Huskerhounds nebraska republic shirt

And I (mostly) only read non-fiction because I always felt like I was having to catch up Also, I generally don’t like going to class since I generally don’t get much out of it (I have ADD), so I often skipped class and read all these interesting books while I was absent from class. When I didn’t skip class and zoned out during lecture, I’d often just read books during class. That being said, the time I spent on books is largely uneven. Sometimes, I can stare at a few pages, but then finish the rest of the book in the fraction of time it originally took. It’s hard to explain this, but I’ll give a quote from a wonderful book I read about ADD (it’s called Driven by Distraction).

Huskerhounds nebraska republic shirt(Huskerhounds nebraska republic shirt)

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