Mickey mouse mickey mouse shirt

Mickey mouse mickey mouse shirt

The Mickey mouse mickey mouse shirtChinese perfected their calendar system and since they were the dominant force, neighboring countries adopted that system. It was mandatory for Vietnam, Japan and Korea to use the Chinese calendar because of China’s political dominance. Just like today all countries in the world use the Gregorian Calendar whether they like it or not. Japan, Korea and Vietnam received enormous cultural influences from China and adopted most Chinese traditional holidays. Just like today, all countries put on display for Christmas because of Western influence. It is a fact that most traditions observed during Vietnamese New Year are derived and shared with Chinese culture. Traditions like lion dancing, red envelopes, red couplets, give new year greetings to relatives and the elders, light incense and worship ancestors. There are also superstitions such as not sweeping your house on first new year day. Of course, there are minor differences, but they are different even within China and within Vietnam. These minor differences are not big enough to completely disregard the holiday of its Chinese origin.

Mickey mouse mickey mouse shirt(Mickey mouse mickey mouse shirt)

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