Ride a Chocobo Meme 80s T Shirt

Ride a Chocobo Meme 80s T Shirt

Everybody just puts their expectations on me and yes im a Ride a Chocobo Meme 80s T Shirtstupid person , this is all my fault, I don’t deserve anything i get in life. dont deserve anything. I’m not atopping to prepare because i want to get into college and i wont let any negative thought get into my head that i cant do this because i want to study and i want to do this and its not like i didnt study in 11th nd 12th that if i dont go to tuitions for a week ill screw up everything but im scared im scared that my dad will be disappointed because even in 12th grade after tecahers started giving me guidance i didnt go to tuition i kept studying at home and i went into 6 moths of depression because i used to feel so alone in tution. I feel as if everybody is out there to get me like not my fellow competitiors but the teacher . like i feel so worthless and i feel so stupid and i feel so worthless , i feel like dying everytime they look at me or i disappoint people. I’m not good enough. I’m trying so hard , i try not to let these things bother me , i try to go to classes , i try to do studying , i try to do so much but im stupid and im not good enough and im a bad luck for my parents.

Ride a Chocobo Meme 80s T Shirt(Ride a Chocobo Meme 80s T Shirt)

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